Friday, January 30, 2009

this post is for dani banani

imma update this stuff soon! but i wanted YOU to know that imma update it for you so you have something entertaining to read! peace!!!!!111111oneoneonene

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Two words... SPEED RACER,


this movie was amazing! i was never a huge fan of the show i mean i liked it fine i just never watched it. It had really amazing visuals and it was pure eye candy. The story was good, I really liked the beginning how Speed is racing his brother Rex's lap record and ghost. Also Matthew Fox plays Racer X and he is a straight badass. SEE THE MOVIE! its amazing. I also saw it for free wooo!

I decided I dont want to explain anything else about DC vs. MARVEL because shit man love DC and thats all that matters. I dont like Marvel all that much so whatever, though I love the HULK and his new flick looks super amazing. Speaking of DC, my fave fighting game Mortal Kombat is coming out with a new game called Mortal Kombat vs. DC and thats 2 things i love slammed together. I cant wait! but it seems everyone on the internet hates it! what the hell! people saying DC sucks, man fuckers who say that shit clearly just go to superhero movies and like the character and dont know shit about their universe. like how Iron Man is really a fucking douche. I know many people who liked Iron Man because it was "cool" not because they have a deeper connection with the character and his story, but thats fine..

This is the new design for SCORPION. I think it looks the shit. Really badass but yet again the internet is ablaze with all kinds of hate! why! i dont get how you can hate that design!


badass huh? it just boggles my mind how people say his boots look like cowboy boots and his tunic looks like taxi cab seat covers. wow people. hate just to hate. Im the only person in the world who thinks Mortal Kombat Armageddon was the best fighting game ever made. I stand by it though.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

crappy day, marvel comics,

today fucking sucked which is unfortunate because my grandma is here from MA visiting and I love her. I worked today at the mall and just REALLY did not want to be there and ended up getting out at 11 pm. it sucked.

Tons of shit to talk about.

MArvel Vs DC

Im in this love hate relationship with marvel comics, have been for a few years. love some heroes and books but hate other or realize the ones i like are just rip offs of DC characters. See my problem is i fall in love with certain characters or their powers and completely forget or dont realize that fuck! they have awful books or awful origin stories and belong to this really awful universe! In my honest opinion I consider the Marvel universe inferior to the DCU (DC universe) I know that everything in the DCU is extremely old fashion and traditional and that Marvel is like a chromed pinnacle of modernized comic book madness but in bringing their universe into the modern times marvel made a big flaw...
they split the universe in two. Their new comic epic CIVIL WAR pitted iron man against captain america two best friends fighting for opposite causes. This series affected the ENTIRE marvel universe and heroes had to pick a side. do i follow a deranged almost power hungry iron man and reveal my identity to the world and become a registered superhero? or do i join captain and resist this government forced registration act and fight for what has worked for years?
DC also had a huge comic book happening in 07. entitled 52 is was a comic that spanned all 52 weeks in a year one comic released each week and it would cover the year that took place during the missing year after the end of Infinite Crisis. It is extremely rich as is crisis of infinite earths and infinite crisis (as will final crisis) it ties in all lose ends and weaves an intricate web out of ever DCU heroes story.

this is becoming an essay. i will write more but its late im tired so looks like tomorrow i will refine everything and add to it when i can function properly. im not even going to once over this post.

Monday, May 5, 2008

just finished cleaning the kitchen... one room left to tackle. my room..UGH. here is a very amazing video about a brain neurologist who had a stroke and what she experienced.

18 minutes with an agile mind...

Blogging and HTML is tits up..

see the side of my page? all my elements are sliced in half and I have no idea how to fix that. Dont know a lick of HTML any help would be appreciated! I cant seem to find anything anywhere and I have been to blogs where this is not an issue and everything looks fine. ill figure it out eventually but jesus Im tired. wow Windows Vista red lined jesus. hah. like its mistyped or improper. I have a lot of interesting things on my mind right now but alas more cleaning needs to be done. Im going to have to deal with this HTML fuck-up for now but at least you can read the text and see most of the picture :/ oh well. Im going to go watch a really nostalgic film after im done cleaning...

Guyver 1

THE GUYVER! sweet ass movie. anyways tons of cleaning to get done so looks like ill have to get back to yall later.

Sunday, May 4, 2008



fucking headache. my god to much cleaning. nothing to blog about. no time! ill be looking forward to blogging once i have shit to type about. also i have not a damn soul to read this.