Tuesday, May 6, 2008

crappy day, marvel comics,

today fucking sucked which is unfortunate because my grandma is here from MA visiting and I love her. I worked today at the mall and just REALLY did not want to be there and ended up getting out at 11 pm. it sucked.

Tons of shit to talk about.

MArvel Vs DC

Im in this love hate relationship with marvel comics, have been for a few years. love some heroes and books but hate other or realize the ones i like are just rip offs of DC characters. See my problem is i fall in love with certain characters or their powers and completely forget or dont realize that fuck! they have awful books or awful origin stories and belong to this really awful universe! In my honest opinion I consider the Marvel universe inferior to the DCU (DC universe) I know that everything in the DCU is extremely old fashion and traditional and that Marvel is like a chromed pinnacle of modernized comic book madness but in bringing their universe into the modern times marvel made a big flaw...
they split the universe in two. Their new comic epic CIVIL WAR pitted iron man against captain america two best friends fighting for opposite causes. This series affected the ENTIRE marvel universe and heroes had to pick a side. do i follow a deranged almost power hungry iron man and reveal my identity to the world and become a registered superhero? or do i join captain and resist this government forced registration act and fight for what has worked for years?
DC also had a huge comic book happening in 07. entitled 52 is was a comic that spanned all 52 weeks in a year one comic released each week and it would cover the year that took place during the missing year after the end of Infinite Crisis. It is extremely rich as is crisis of infinite earths and infinite crisis (as will final crisis) it ties in all lose ends and weaves an intricate web out of ever DCU heroes story.

this is becoming an essay. i will write more but its late im tired so looks like tomorrow i will refine everything and add to it when i can function properly. im not even going to once over this post.


Matt said...

Civil War? More like Civil Whores. Fagggggggggggot.

tegan said...

I think it's an interesting concept, the whole one issue per week as if it was real time in a completely different universe that you get to peer into. It's ambitious and cool, though I don't read comics so I have no idea how it has turned out and wasn't infinite crisis about parallel universes? I should perhaps read that one to sort of understand what you're saying.

By the way, essays are nice. They are more understandable and they don't leave you hanging when you want to know more. Write on the spot essays if it's a topic you can draw from. I love that you blog now this is awesome!